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Friday, October 1, 2010

Kinsey - October 2010

Kinsey Darla Dress
Kinsey Darla Dress $43
Kinsey Kenya 2pc Set
Kinsey Kenya 2pc Set $54
Kinsey Baby Headband $12
Kinsey Barrette
Kinsey Barrette $11
Kinsey Blanket $40
Kinsey Fi Fi Dress
Kinsey Fi Fi Dress $69
Kinsey Headband $15
Kinsey Headband
Kinsey Kari Dress
Kinsey Kari Dress $57
Kinsey Knit Roll Hat
Kinsey Knit Roll Hat $24
Kinsey Leggings & Ruffle Side-Tie Tee
Kinsey Legging $23
Kinsey Ruffle Side-Tie Tee $31
Kinsey Niki Tee & Skirted Legging
Kinsey Niki Tee $27
Kinsey Skirted Legging $42
Kinsey Ruffle Beanie & Ruffle Bunting
Kinsey Ruffle Beanie $19
Kinsey Ruffle Bunting $40
Kinsey Ruffle Footy & Knit Roll Hat
Kinsey Ruffle Footy $48
Kinsey Ruffle Pants & Side-Tie Tee
Kinsey Ruffle Pants $27
Kinsey Ruffle Romper & Headband
Kinsey Ruffle Romper $46
Kinsey Skirt Set & Headband
Kinsey Skirt Set $63
Kinsey Marcie Dress & Baby Headband
Kinsey Marcie Dress $51

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