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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Everbloom Studio, Fall 2013

Okay Lulu fans, following the example of previous Lulu Lind IDs and Gap and Gymboree fan sites, I'll put all the items I can find, with prices here.  Please note that I'm guessing on the spring/fall 2013 stuff, as since it's so bright and cheerful, some of the items listed previously as spring could actually be fall.  I'll put everything currently available.  As of press time, only Garnet Hill, Chasing Fireflies and Gandzee are listed as online retailers, but Everything But The Princess actually has a much larger collection than any of these retailers and is not even listed.  They also have a brick-and-mortar store list on their website, called "stocklist," so you may be able to find Everbloom locally.  All the regular collection pieces appear to be made in sizes 2T up to 10, layette is 3m to 24m.

Blue Rose Tee $36

Brown Bunny Tee $38

Gray Rose Tee $40

Gray Butterfly Tee $38

Pink Kitty Tee $38

Light Pink Rose Tee $40

Blue Butterfly Tee $38

Natural Mushroom Tee $38

Orange Mushroom Tee $38

Natural Rose Tee $40

Blue Panda Tee $38

Pink Butterfly Tee $38

Red Rose Tee $40

Natural Rose Tee $36

Gray Cat Mask Tunic $38

Lavender Cat Mask Tunic $38

Red Panda Tunic $38
Navy Blue Cat Mask Tunic $38
Brown Dot Legging $28.50

Brown Dot Soda Skirt $43
Gray Dot Legging $28.50

Gray Dot Soda Skirt $43

Navy Dot Legging $28.50

Navy Dot Soda Skirt $43

Pink Dot Legging $28.50

Pink Dot Soda Circle Skirt $43

Red Dot Legging $28.50

Red Dot Soda Skirt $43
Green Dot Soda Skirt $43

Gray Butterfly Dress $46

Gray Butterfly Set $55

Gray Butterfly Romper $51
Pink Ruffle Owl Romper $51
Pink Owl Two Piece Set $55

Pink Owl Dress $46

Navy Dot Owl Dress $47

Deep Pink Birdie Purse $29.50

Green Floral Ava Purse $29

Md Pink Ava Purse $29.50

Pink Dot Ava Purse $29

Purple Dragonfly Ava Purse $29.50

Red Ava Purse $28.50

Red-X Ava Purse $29

Turquoise Ava Purse $29.50

Yellow Ava Purse $29.50
Bella Bunny $112

Hazel Bunny $112

Lola Bunny $112

Ulla Bunny $112
Blue Candy Crown $29

Butterfly Felt Crown $33

Dragonfly Crown $33

Pink Mushroom Crown $29

Silver Crown $25

Pink Candy Crown $29
Green Dragonfly Headband $17

Green and Pink Butterfly Headband $17

Lavender Mushroom Headband $18

White Liberby Dragonfly Headband $17

Orange Birdie Headband $17

Orange Mushroom Headband $18
(same as the next one, but different price?)

Orange Mushroom Headband $19
(both are listed on Everbloom website)

Peach Flower Headband $17

Rosebud Headband $17

Yellow and Pink Butterfly Headband $17
Lavender Birdie Headband $17

Yellow Birdie Headband $17
Birdie Clip $11

Butterfly Felt Clip $7

Crochet Butterfly Clip $11

Daisy Hair Clip $7

Double Daisy Clip $8

Dragonfly Clip $12.50

Mushroom Hair Clip $9

Pompom Hair Clip $7

Rosette Clip $7
Blue Birdie Necklace $25.50

Blue Daisy Necklace $23

Blue Felt Mushroom Necklace $31.50

Blue Flower & Beads $33.50

Blue Pompom Necklace $31.50

Bright Beads and Porcini Necklace $25.50

Crochet Butterfly Necklace $31.50

Flowerbuds Necklace $31.50

Green Dragonfly Necklace $26

Green Floral Dragonfly Necklace $28

Hot Pink Birdie Necklace $37.50

Lavender Birdie Necklace $37.50

Liberty Print Dragonfly Necklace $26

Orange Birdie Necklace

Orange Butterfly Necklace $23.50

Pink Daisy Necklace $23

Pink Dot Birdie Necklace $28

Pink Dragonfly Necklace $33.50

Pink Pompom Necklace $31.50

Red Mushroom Necklace $28.50

Tassel Necklace $27
Blue Rosettes $25.50
Pink Rosette Necklace $31.50
Spring Flowers Necklace $28.50

Ladies Gemma Necklace $150
Ladies Daisy Necklace $140
Ladies Joey Necklace $115

Ladies Pippa Necklace $115